Florida’s only 100% self-sustaining,
organic farm.

About Neshafarm

At Neshafarm we pride ourselves in being Florida’s only 100% self-sustaining, organic farm. Created and developed by Ben Sharfi, CEO of General Micro Systems, Inc., our state-of-the-art facilities cover 50 acres in Florida’s prestigious Martin County and provide a home to more than 65 different species of animals and over 2000 trees from around the world.

All of our animals enjoy a free-range atmosphere where they can explore and live naturally while staying protected. This low-stress natural environment also acts as a rescue and sanctuary for animals and birds in need of a new home.

Our Founder

As an inventor, visionary and technologist, Ben Sharfi set out to create an incredibly unique farm that would marry tradition and modern technology. From our fully automated and environmentally controlled green houses to a custom designed, cutting-edge, 50kw solar farm capable of powering the entire facility, Sharfi has developed crucial systems to ensure Neshafarm will remain self-sufficient for future generations.

“I have always had a special connection with animals and dreamed of one day having a farm of my own. Now that dream has become a reality.”

Neshafarm Fresh Produce

At Neshafarm we grow over 100 different vegetables, fruits and herbs. Our state-of-the-art greenhouses provide a safe home for our more delicate types while our lush outdoor growing facilities provide fresh air and sunlight to the more hardy. From delicate herbs such as chives and lavender to robust fruits and vegetables like pineapples and potatoes, we grow it all, and now we are ready to share it with you.

Fresh produce delivered right to your door

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Whether you want all fruit, all vegetables or you love it all, you can choose (& change) the size & type of produce box that works for you.

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Want to make changes to the produce items arriving in your delivery? No problem! Give us a call and we’ll tailor your delivery.

Add other farm products
Add other farm products to your delivery like unique hand-crafted jams, pasture-raised eggs, organic dairy or small-batch honey.

We deliver, you enjoy.
Delivery to your door is included! Skip your delivery or change frequency to fit your schedule or vacations.

Ready to place your order?

Please provide the information in the form and we will contact you with ordering and delivery options. We are currently only serving Martin County, FL. All of our produce is grown with the intent to provide the local community with fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables at affordable prices.

Neshafarm Livestock

Neshafarm is home to over 65 different types of animals including; horses, goats, Jacob sheep, emus, rabbits, ducks and swans to name a few. Our chicken coop houses over a dozen unique species from across the globe and features an incubation center to care for hatchlings.

Our 1,500 sq. ft. outdoor aviary provides shelter and protection for over 20 species of exotic birds including toucans and parrots and is a welcome sanctuary for local birds under duress, or those not receiving proper care by others. Automated feeding and hydration systems inside our aviary ensure all our birds are properly nourished and maintained.

When they aren’t running free, our 4 horses are housed in a brand new, modern paddock that is climate controlled and has an automated feed system. All of our horses are trained in our full-sized dressage arena (100’x200’) where we have established a functional, safe, sanitary and durable controlled environment for riding and training.


Jacob Sheep
An uncommon breed of small, spotted, multi-horned sheep whose exact origins remain unknown. While most are raised for their wool, meat, and hides, our Jacobs are not. We have four ewes and one ram.

Nigerian Dwarf
So-named because of their noticable stature, the Nigerian is a gentle and friendly dairy goat similar to Pygmys in that they double as pets as much as they do livestock. They are notable for producing large volumes of milk relative to their size.

Katahdin Sheep
The namesake of Mt. Katahdin – the highest peak in Maine, where it was bred – this sheep is a low-maintenance and highly-adaptable breed, with a natural resistance to internal parasites and is prevalent across the country. We accommodate six.


Miniature Donkey
In the words of Robert Green – an American stockbroker who imported seven in 1929 – Miniature donkeys possess the resignation of a cow, the durability of a mule, the courage of a tiger, and an intellect rivaled only by man. We have three.

American Quarter Horse
Renown for its speed and versatile, working ability, American Quarters are the most popular breed of horse in the United States. We currently have two: Wally, 13, a former polo pony, and Victor, 13, formerly used in reining.

Arabian Horse
Arguably one of the most recognizable, popular, and oldest breeds in the world, Arabians are resilient animals that originated from the Middle East. They are found worldwide, including our farm. We have one, Silver.

Latest News

Owner of Nesha Farms says Army Corps investigation over claims of wetland disruption is an ‘over-reach’ of power

PALM CITY, Fla. — A local, organic farm in Martin County is under investigation by the Army Corps of Engineers, over claims that activity at the farm disturbed wetlands and contaminated federal waterways.

The owner of Nesha Farms denies the allegations and further says the corps has no proof of allegations that stated in an anonymous complaint.

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Neshafarm and our staff of experts invite you to visit and take a tour of our farm.
Our staff is very friendly and knowledgeable and create an environment that is perfect for school or classroom field trips.

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